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Customized, family-friendly tours that combine history, Torah knowledge, and fun.

“My kids saw with their eyes not just a dead stone

but the story behind it.”

-Yisroel Mannes

So, you’re finally planning that trip to Israel?

Not interested in a frustrating experience in another country with a different culture, currency and bureaucracy?
Taking a Bar/ Bat Mitzvah trip — but how to make it special?

Try the tour guide way.

Why a tour guide?

1. Don’t make yourself crazy

“Trip planning + vacation” usually = stress. Delegate the planning to an expert.

2. Be on your own program

Get a day tailored to the needs, interests and schedule of your specific group.

3. Know what you’re seeing

“That’s probably an old rock, I think?” Don’t miss out on the historical treasures hiding in plain sight.

4. More Experiences. Less Speeches.
Enjoy engaging activities and wholesome bonding time.

I’m Hava Preil, a licensed Israeli Tour Guide.

I offer guided tours of our holy sites and historical locations, fully customized to your interests and age ranges. Enjoy the experience, with all logistics, research, and reservations (and bathrooms and travel times and parking and opening times and change-of-plans) covered.


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Step 1:

We get on a call to discuss your touring preferences.

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Step 2:

You give the go-ahead on the itinerary. I take care of all the booking and transportation arrangements.

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Step 3:

Tour day!
We meet at a prearranged location.

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Step 4:

Engage. Explore. Experience.

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“Their whole outlook changed.”

All my kids rated her tour as one of the best days of our trip. She had a lot of extremely valuable information that people might not be so familiar with. She was very helpful and kid friendly and her information was very sophisticated. She picked up on when everyone was just jumping around, and then took the mic when everyone was calm again. My kids saw with their eyes not just a dead stone, but the story behind it. Their whole outlook about the history of klal yisroel changed.

Yisroel  Mannes
Family Tour
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“She tuned into what I would appreciate”

I enjoyed the fact that she was very knowledge-able in the history of the places, brought the historical sources, and had an appreciation for Tanach. She is the kind of person who tunes into people. She tuned into what I would appreciate and it was a very lovely experience. When you spoke with her you have a much greater sense that this was a living place, with a living history.
When you have a tour guide with an appreciation and enthusiasm for the history of Yerushalayim, of the people who lived there, and the events that occurred there, you feel the same way.

Mrs. Faigie Pollack
Solo Tourist
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"I felt more connected"

Thank you for giving us a taste of our holy history on a beautiful platter. I felt more connected to the people I come from and a greater yearning than I felt before for the kind of life Jews used to lived. I so appreciate the gift you gave us in bringing תנך to life.
Group Tour Participant

Get it all in.

It’s hard to figure out…

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…Places you’ll enjoy?

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…When is it open?
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…How long will it take to get there?
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…Is it safe?
Planning with a guide ensures that schedule setbacks, change-of-plans and “just can’t decide” don’t become your itinerary.
Maximize your time in Israel with an energizing, Tanach-based experience that will enrich your knowledge of our land and our history.

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Since October 7th, life in the Land of Israel has not been the same.

The tragedy that was cruelly inflicted on us is still difficult to grasp.

Join me for an inspiring journey to sites of the massacre. Volunteer to help people struggling due to the war.

May our prayers be answered and may the words of Isiah 25:8 "and G-d will erase the tears on all faces" be fulfilled speedily in our time.


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